Although the ground is still frozen, I can get my hands in the dirt by starting seeds.

As I was gathering the things I needed, I thought about the seeds themselves. Those small to very tiny particles are each a living entity, able to produce and feed many people. It certainly a miraculous thing to watch plants grow! As you can see from the photo, I keep things simple; cut down cartons serve as pots, lightweight potting, soil, a pencil for making those small holes, a spray bottle for misting, and some seeds.

Debbie Graham/Results Radio

I'll start by misting the soil with warm water and then put in the seeds. I don't have growing lights, so I'll put the pots near a window. One of our listeners had lettuce growing on her refrigerator because of the warmth. What a great idea! I'll cover them with a light wrap of saran until they sprout. Making sure that they're kept moist enough, I'll thin out the weaker seedlings. When the weather warms up, they can be set outside for a few hours each day, acclimating themselves for the garden transplant.

Some seeds, like cucumbers, melons, corn, and zucchini,  I'll plant directly into the garden. Later in the season, with some work and help from Mother Nature, I should have a very tasty garden indeed.