I think everyone knows how important it is to be able to multitask these days right?

Thanks to a British Company you can now make a call on your iPhone and sculpt your biceps at the same time.

Allow me to introduce you to the ToneFone.

Picture courtesy of Desirable Body

An iPhone case that weighs THREE pounds! It's made of 100% British steel that's coated in rubber.  Imagine being able to make a call, surf the web, or text your way to better fitness. Now you can thanks to ToneFone.

While other iPhone case manufacturers have been in a race to make the thinnest, lightest, case for your iPhone, these guys went the opposite direction and developed the heaviest phone case in the world.

The ToneFone will fit any iPhone 5 and 5s and is available in white right now, with more colors coming soon.

ToneFone will run you about $42.00, plus an additional $11.50 for international shipping.

Evidently a number of people are buying into the concept, because the first batch they made sold out quickly. Another round of ToneFones should be shipping this April.

I can see it now, the ToneFone coming to a gym near you. All the Real Housewives of the world will soon be making one of these part of their workout routine, count on it!

Source: Gizmodo