Twins have always been an amazing thing to me. Reason being, my mom had a twin brother.

And my uncle Louie was also an idol to me. He was one cool guy all the way.

It certainly was special to see him with my mom. Two people who came to life together in an extremely special act of God.

Imagine having a twin. Have you ever thought about it?

Now imagine having a twin and not meeting that person until you're 78 years old! Here's our story.

Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel spent the first nine months of their lives together in the womb, but never saw each other again for 78 years!

The pair, whose reunion is a new world record, were born to an unmarried domestic servant in England in 1936 who was going to put both twins up for adoption but decided to keep Elizabeth.

At the age of 15, Elizabeth learned for the first time that she had a twin but had no way of finding her. Meanwhile, Ann, who moved to the US after marrying an American, had no idea that she had a twin until her youngest daughter discovered her while researching the family tree.

The pair met in California recently. The sisters have found that they share several mannerisms and characteristics and both of them married men named Jim.

Source: Radio Online