For 16 years in a row the smell of kuchens (pronounced KOO-kens) has drifted through the picturesque town of Delmont, South Dakota.  36 kuchens were baked the first year the annual festival began and were gone after one hour. Last year, over 1,300 kuchens were sold.

Welcome to the famous Kuchen Festival. So, what's a kuchen? It's a sweet dough patted into a pie tin, topped with fruit, and finished off with a custard sauce, sugar and cinnamon, and baked to perfection. (All low calorie, of course!)

Now that our mouths are watering, just where the heck is Delmont? 90 miles west of Sioux Falls, or, 36 miles southwest of Mitchell, or, 60 miles northwest of Yankton. You choose, either way, it'll be worth the trip!

Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th, Delmont welcomes you to try kuchens, take in a parade, kiddie tractor pulls, and BBQ suppers.

The festival is held in conjunction with the 9th annual Old Time Harvest Festival both Saturday and Sunday with farm-related events, music, and lunches.