Ok....I did it again.  I fell victim to another one of those quizzes that are circulating on every form of social media!

It seems that everyone is taking quizzes to find out everything from "What State Do You Actually Belong In?" (New Jersey), "What U.S. President I Should Be?" (Barack Obama), "What Font I Should Be?" (Futura) and now "Who Is Your Country Boyfriend?"

Yes, I know I am married.  HAPPILY married!  But of course, I just had to click and see--if I was single--who my country boyfriend would be!

I have to admit...after taking the short 10 question quiz, which asks me everything from favorite animal to favorite color, I am very happy with the results!  According to the quiz, I would make a great match with BLAKE SHELTON!  The results said,

You'll be laughing through life with your tall drink of Oklahoma water! He'll brighten your dullest days by cracking a joke, singing you a song, or making a fool of himself just to see your smile.

I'm good with this choice!  He is my favorite judge on 'The Voice', I just bought his latest CD 'Based On A True Story', and most importantly, Blake Shelton just happens to be my husband's favorite country singer!  So I guess if I'm going to have a country boyfriend, at least it's someone that my husband would approve of!  (wink wink)

It doesn't matter if you are married or not (I won't tell...I promise!), go ahead and take the 'Who Is Your Country Boyfriend' quiz and see who you match up with!  Just a warning though, Blake Shelton's already taken!