At our house, my wife is a school teacher.  Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean an easier schedule during summer months but just a different schedule.  Normally  she is busy during the summer months with teaching summer school and getting ready for weekend outings that leaves me more time for a typical busy summer schedule with fairs and shows.  Our house is just like your house.  Busy!

So then fall rolls around, (or it will officially here in a little over a week) and we’re left once again segueing into another round of changing roles and responsibilities.  One of those responsibilities that we change off on with the season is, honey, what’s for dinner?

I have to hand it to my wife, she’s a great sport.  She spotted me a roast in the crock pot this afternoon and said if you have potatoes peeled on by 5:00 p.m.  we can find a vegetable and we should be good.  This was all while I was emptying the dishwasher (and loading it again) and gathering recycling to take out.  (Now I see why Sioux Falls eats out so much)

Here’s the bottom line Kickin’ Country, life is busy year round and it doesn’t seem to get much easier just because a new season is coming.  If you find yourself juggling schedules and responsibilities (single or married) you’re not alone.  All we have to do is adjust.  Again.

Here’s to the change of seasons and the change of responsibilities that come with it.  That change of seasons does come with an upside.  I just found a $20 in a hooded sweatshirt I last wore, last spring!

How about your house?  Does the change of seasons bring changes like this to your house?  If so, let us know. or comment below and always, thanks for Kickin’!