Yesterday we talked with Gordon Mote who will be bringing his talents to Sioux Falls for a Christmas concert at Community Reformed Church.  Mote has played and sang with the Gaithers, was voted ACM Piano Player of the year several times and has recorded with Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton. Big names for sure. (tickets available by calling Community Reformed Church at 336.1475.

The reason I start this post with that?  Yesterday Gordon and I spoke on the phone. He said, 'we all have a talent of some kind.' We all have a purpose here in God's kingdom.

Then, I stumble on this video today. All I could think of was Gordon saying, everybody has 'something.'

It's great that this guy is getting some exposure.  Check this out!

His name is David Allen Welsh. A homeless man in Vancouver.

He says, I don't know how to read music.  My eyes aren't even open, I just let my fingers play the music.

Listen to the interview and hear Welsh talk about 'Ariel Aquatos or as Welsh calls it, 'his Amazing Grace!'

What's your 'talent?'  What should you be doing?  After watching this video, it's kind of hard to make excuses for not thinking about it and trying!  Whatever it is!