Home for the Holidays.

It sounds kind of hokey, but it is a pretty neat time of the year.  And it's amazing how it takes on a different meaning when you get a little older.

Of course when you were a little whippersnapper, home was about the only place you knew.  And unless you were singing 'Over the River and Through the Hills' you were probably going to be parked out in pretty familiar surroundings.

Not so in 2012.  We're a pretty mobile and global world now days.  It's not uncommon for people to be shipping presents to different countries or loading up the family van for a trip 7-800 miles away.  It's just different.

Just last night I had a junior in high school cramming for finals week.  On another end of the state I had a son that was finishing up his last finals at college and would be coming home sometime today.  Neither of them was in the house at the time, so I found myself keeping up with where they were with texting and e-mail.

It's changed.

Or really has it?

Back in the day, Grandpas and Grandmas would be busy sending out Christmas cards weeks ago.  They had to, to make sure the cards could get where they were going on time.  Heck, sometimes they only went to town once a week, so they had to plan ahead.

Everything we do happens sooner now days.  Almost instantly.  It used to be you had to send a letter.  Then it was a fax.  Now it's a couple of 'thumb strokes' on a hand held device, click send and you're there. Time doesn't 'fly' anymore, things simply 'happen'.

So, why the Home for the Holidays title?  Maybe it would be best if we just start 'thinking' about what we're going to be 'up to', with the people we're going to be 'up to' it with.  And maybe, just maybe we take just a little time to remember 'why' we actually celebrate this time of the year.

Wrap your presents.  Send your Christmas letters (or e-mails) Buy your presents and tweet your tweets.  And all the while you're doing it...just slow down and think for a minute.  It's all about the 'preparation'.

Enjoy your Christmas!