The texts were flying this morning this morning at our household.  I'm sure they were flying around town too if you were involved in any way with high school football in Sioux Falls.  The buzz was that Brian Hermanson or 'Hermey' was going to not coach next year at Washington High School.

I for one am happy for him.  My favorite quote from him was,

It's time for me to be a dad instead of a coach. I have never had an opportunity to watch our son play."


In a story featured today on Argus 911

Hermanson, who has spent 33 years on the sidelines coaching, started his tenure with Washington in 2005. The Warriors advanced to the DakotaDome six straight times during that tenure. Most recently in 2012, the Warriors beat Brandon Valley 35-20 for the Class 11AA championship.

I have two sons that played for Hermanson and can attest that they say nothing but good about him.  Spread it out, throw it around, involve a ton of kids.  That's what he did. He also was able to get kids to commit to the weight room year round and he has a list of athletes playing in college to prove that they bought in.

One of the best things he did was put 'strong capable' coaches on his staff.  I'm sure you could pick from 2 or 3 of who is there right now and Washington would be rockin' this coming fall.

If you were going to build a blue print for how to coach and how to build a football program, following what Hermy did would be a good start!

South Dakota has been privileged to have some GREAT football coaches. Bob Burns, Max Hawk are just a few that come to mind.  I'm sure over the next few weeks and the next few years we'll be adding Hermanson to the conversation.