Taking pictures of weird looking clouds during a tornado might enhance your social media profile.  It also can be deadly.

Todd Heitkamp who is the Warning Coordinator Meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Sioux Falls has a different take on what people should be doing during severe weather.

Last Thursday when Sioux Falls was under a Tornado Warning, the images posted during the storm kicked off an alarm for Heitkamp.  He responded in no uncertain terms.  “When the Tornado Warning is issued and the sirens are sounding, we need you to get to your place of safety.  We don’t want you being out there taking pictures of the storms.”

Fortunately there were no injuries reported and a tornado only briefly touched down north of Canton.  However you only have to go as far as Spencer, South Dakota to be reminded of the dangerous nature of tornadoes.  “We issue the warnings to give people information that will enhance their safety.  If people don’t take the threat seriously and they don’t go to their place of safety, that warning isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

Heitkamp the potential for severe weather will reappear Wednesday night as some late day thunderstorms could develop in advance of a cold front that will arrive Thursday.