The duo Florida Georgia Line crashed on to the country music scene this last year with their smash hit 'Cruise'.  If you've been wondering how on earth they were going to follow up that success, here's how! The name of their new song is 'Get Your Shine On'.

You know, the world of radio is a weird place.  Sure we hear songs on I-tunes and from other sources, but I'm here to tell you we appreciate hearing from listeners when they say things like,

You have to give this song from Florida Georgia's great!

I remember getting a call just like that from a listener this summer and he was talking about Cruise by Florida Georgia Line.  I remember the passion in his voice... it was like...

Come on man, you haven't heard this song...are you kidding me?

Well, this might be one of 'those songs'.  You Know we love to know what you think!

Give it a click and a listen and let us know what you think!

So, we would like to know,