I've read quite a bit about Blake Shelton. We follow him on Twitter here at the station. It's always an interesting read. Oh, and like you, we following him on the HIT show The Voice on NBC. So, I got to wondering, and the question is a simple one.

What's in Blake Shelton's glass?

Do you think it's Coconut Water? I've read that it's a favorite of Blake's. And I'm guessing it might go good with 'Clear' or maybe some Vodka.

I'm kind of thinking ole' Blake could be carrying some moonshine too. He seems like he'd be the guy that would introduce Adam, Shakira and Usher to something southern.

Whiskey? Vodka? Bourbon?

You never know. Blake is looking good. Maybe it's straight water, or iced tea. I'm wondering, What's in Blake Shelton's Cup tonight!

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