Everyone that lives in South Dakota knows that one of the best assets of this state is the fresh, clean air.  Now the American Lung Association is backing that statement.  The American Lung Association says that two South Dakota cities are among the best in the United States for clean air quality.

Both Sioux Falls and Rapid City have been rated among the cleanest cities for ozone pollution.  Ozone is a leading component of smog and originates from things like vehicle exhaust and some solvents. Fine particle pollution comes from burning items like coal and wood and can cause haze in the air.

The American Lung Association says the Rapid City area was actually ranked as the 10th cleanest metro area in the country for year-round particle pollution.

The American Lung Association’s report covers the period from 2010-2012.  Over that three year time span, the state's air quality actually continued to improve.