Picture yourself driving along a beautiful Minnesota blacktop admiring the majestic scenery of frost-capped spruce trees when all of a sudden...Bam! A giant butt crack comes into view. A driver in Le Sueur might think they drove on the wrong side of the Jolly Green Giant billboard.

However, these billboards, pictured above, are placed throughout Minnesota, and they are gaining tons of attention. And that's exactly what the Minnesota Department of Health wants.

The campaign, entitles "Cover Your Butt", wants to remind drivers about colon health. When is the last time you had a colonoscopy?

We want people to be talking about this. It can be an awkward thing to talk about, but hopefully they will see these and get screened." - Laura Friedenberg, MDH educator

MDH officials say 2,200 Minnesotans will be diagnosed with colon cancer and of those cases 700 could be fatal. They urge men and women 50-years an older to get a colonoscopy.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Men and women over 50 should consider scheduling a colonoscopy and cancer screenings.

Alright, consider the reminder served...and a good reminder it is.