I've really started to enjoy Throwback Thursdays!  Last week, I was remembering Alabama's 'She and I' from the mid 80's, only to hear the announcement that Alabama will be at the South Dakota State Fair this summer.  (Do I see concert tickets being purchased in my near future?)

This announcement brought back memories of one of the first concerts I attended, and it was at the South Dakota State Fair.  It was the summer of 1986, and George Strait took the stage in Huron, South Dakota..  (By the way, others scheduled at the South Dakota State Fair that year included Marie Osmond, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, Fabian and the Beach Boys.)

I remember sitting in the Grandstand with my mom, who was-and still is-a fan of George Strait.  He walked onto the stage, and even though we weren't that far from the man, she picked up her binoculars and made the comment, "He has his billfold in his back pocket!"  I guess I know what she was looking at!  (wink wink)

So, as my Throwback Thursday pick for this week, I picked the song from George Strait that my mom was the most excited to see him sing during that summer of 1986:  'The Chair'.