Garth Brooks' former business partner is suing him for $425,000 in unpaid salary and bonuses along with punitive damages.

According to, Lisa Sanderson, who worked with Garth for 20 years alleges he is "paranoid, angry, deceitful and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime."

Sanderson says she was a successful TV producer who was hired by Brooks to jumpstart  his TV and movie career. She says Brooks was his own worst enemy, killing deals with Disney. Fox and others by making ridiculous demands.

She cites the claim that Brooks was hired to play the part of a sniper in Saving Private Ryan, but the deal he refused, saying he did not want to share the spotlight with Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Edward Burns.

Sanderson also mentions that he turned down the role of a bad guy in the movie Twister, because he refused to play second fiddle to a tornado.

She claims Brooks did not live up to their agreement in the salary, bonus and profits department and also claims he is a tax fraud.

Sanderson has a long way to go to prove her allegations in court.  I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Garth Brooks.

Garth was the most memorable artist I have ever met. Period. When he came to Sioux Falls during his 1996 World Tour, it was the most incredible event of my career as a country radio personality.

We had a few backstage winners.  His road manager asked if I was going back to meet him and I said we had only a few winners, so I wanted to make sure we could get every fan backstage that we could.  I was then informed I was going back stage to meet him.

He heard us coming, and he walked to meet us in the tunnel to his dressing room. One of our listeners was in a wheel chair and practically leapt out of it to hug Garth.  He hugged her and said something quietly in her ear that only she could hear.

Once we were seated, a couple ladies bought hundreds of dollars in merchandise that they brought with them. Garth patiently autographed every item, asking to whom he should write each autograph for.  He then reimbursed their money saying it "was his gift to them."

The hour and a half I spent with Garth was unforgettable. He donated the shirt he wore that night to a fundraiser we were helping.  That shirt brought a ton of money for two little babies who were struggling with life.

Brooks also has a Make-A-Wish child in the area.  This girl and her family have been recipients of his generosity for many years.

I think I'm a reasonably good judge of character.  I can easily spot a phony quickly.  Garth Brooks is no phony.  He's THE most kind, considerate, humble, generous. down-to-earth country star I have ever met.

I have a feeling that Sanderson's lawsuit is nothing more than tabloid sensationalistic trash.  Until proven otherwise, that's my gut feeling.  Garth's attorneys may have a libel and slander suit to file against her.