I was thumbing through my Twitter feed today and stumbled on a tweet from Mike Henrickson.

SF native EMA @EMAthorstar will sing on Letterman tonight. Her CD is called "The Future Is Void". Given name is Erika M. Anderson.

I got to wondering. And looking. This EMA, is kind of interesting. I've read through a couple of online articles about her. Seems she was the rebel kid in highschool. Super smart and super bored. Got kicked out of choir several times, for being a kid. Bought herself a guitar and next thing you knew she's on The David Letterman Show tonight.

No, It's not Country.

But here was a kid, bored in high school. A kid daydreaming about bigger things in bigger places.

It's something I thought you should know about. Check out the video. This EMA, is talented!