We are going to kick off the week with yet another round of light snow. Snow will develop across Central South Dakota by mid-morning and move east to the James Valley around lunchtime.

Snow will make its way east to I-29 by about mid-afternoon. Snowfall will be relatively light across South Dakota. About an inch or two of accumulation can be expected in most places including the Sioux Falls area.

By tomorrow morning strong northwesterly wind gusts to 35 mph will kick in and create areas of blowing snow throughout the day.

We will get a brief break from the snow and blowing snow on Wednesday and then another system will bring more snow Thursday into Friday.

It's going to stay cold. Temperatures will reach the low to mid-20s this afternoon and that makes today the warmest day on the 7 Day Forecast. Our colder than average trend will continue through the rest of the week, but I don't expect extremes like we've had the past couple of weeks.

High temps will be generally in the teens with lows hovering either side of zero.

For the complete forecast, check out KSFY TV's Weather Page.

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