It's hard to believe but February is here!  So guys, are you 'ready?'  Some of you are, and some of you aren't. Starting Monday, February 3rd, Kickin' Country is teaming up with Gustaf''s Greenery in Sioux Falls to make it easy for you to score points this Valentines Day!

Listen to Kickin' Country at 8:20 a.m. with The Big Breakfast, again at 12:20 with Jerry P and then at 4:20 p.m. with JD Collins! We'll play the Kickin' Country Secret Sound 3 times per day. We'll give you a shot at $500 AND an awesome gift certificate to Gustaff's!

Pat and the crew at Gustaff's are pro's at sending the perfect Valentines Day arrangement. Pat will take care of the flowers, and Kickin' Country could help out with the GREENERY if you know what we mean!

The winning starts Monday Morning on Kickin' Country!