If you live in South Dakota it seems like you are always playing one season ahead. At least I am.  Play along with me here for a minute.

When we are stuck in a long cold winter, we're always looking ahead and hoping for warmer weather.  We look out the window with longing eyes and can't wait to feel what it will be like to walk outside without a heavy jacket on.

Then Spring hits and we're teased for a couple of warm days, perhaps even an afternoon with the windows opened up at the house.  Those days we look forward to time at the river or pool or a summer vacation.

When summer rolls around it seems like everyone is running 100 different places at the same time.  By the time you add a couple of 100 degree days we cycle around to thinking about cooler weather and the fact it might not be so bad to have to mow the lawn once per week.

I love the change of seasons.  I love moving my mower to the front of the garage so I can get to the snow thrower easier on a snowy morning.  I love how the trees and all of nature sets us up gradually with a preview of what's to come.

This morning when I stepped out of my car to walk in for work I was reminded by a bit of chill in the air that our next season isn't just coming, it's already here.

So, this afternoon I'll make a quick check of where the jackets are and make sure my wife and kids have scrapers and jumper cables in their cars.  Maybe I'll even move clothes around in the closet so I can find long sleeves without looking to hard.   While I'm at it I'd better find the rake.  Looks like we'll be needing it soon.

Here's the Leaf Drop off Sites for Sioux Falls

September 29-November 23…LEAF DROP OFF SITES OPEN…9am-5pm Monday through Saturday
Noon-5pm on Sundays. There are 2 leaf and branch drop off sites; on the East side on East Chambers Street by the Household Hazardous Waste Facility and on the West side on North Lyon Blvd west of the Fairgrounds.   ($2/car, pickup, full-size SUV, van or 2-wheel trailers. For more information you can call 605-367-8162