I read a quote earlier today from Eric Church and he was saying when he doesn't have his trademark shades and ball cap on he can walk pretty much anywhere and people don't recognize him.  I'll bet it's true.  He said,

“A  lot of times I’ll wear eye glasses when I don’t wear my contacts,   so I’ll put my eye glasses on and not wear a hat. I think I can go to my   own show … sit there and watch and just hang out until it’s time to   play, and then go around and change because nobody would know me, especially   when I shave. We just went to the beach, and I was clean shaven before we went   down there, and I wore my eye glasses the whole time. Nobody knew who I was.   My son didn’t even recognize me for a day or two! It’s cool for me   to still be able to do the things that we do, by not wearing the hat and shades.   But when the hat and shades come on, I can’t go anywhere. That is remarkable   to me, because everybody wears hats and shades. It’s almost like a ‘Where’s   Waldo’ kind of a thing. It’s amazing how people can pick me out.”

I know it has to be true.  Last February  I was interviewing Miss Willie Brown on their tour bus.  I thought I was such hot stuff!   There I was, getting off the tour bus of Miss Willie Brown with a video camera in my hand and this guy comes up to me, with a ball cap on and glasses.  The glasses killed me.  I'm talking to this guy like he's some kind of roadie or something.  He asks if I'm coming to the show later and I say sure.

I get back into the Kickin' pickup and realize I just met and talked to Dierks and didn't even know it.

It happens.  Have you ever had a run in with a celebrity that you didn't recognize?