Those of you who have been following Kickin' Country over the years know that I lost about 50 pounds a couple of years ago. With some real effort I've been able to keep the weight off when it comes to what I eat.

I've come to realize that even though a person finishes a diet, unless they pay attention to dietetics or what you put into your body as fuel every day, you will go back to old eating habits and re-gain the weight.  With that in mind, when I lost the weight I made a vow to change my ways and eat cleaner.  Whole grains and pastas, real vegetables and fruits and lots of water.

That's why when I heard the phrase "clean eating" it got my attention.  Clean eating is a buzz phrase that's going around the world of nutrition.  You can't read a national health magazine without coming across the phrase.     So I stopped into Pomegranate Market to find out a little more about eating clean.

I stopped into Pomegranate Market and was able to talk for a few minutes with Patty.  She took the time to explain what eating clean was and some of the benefits.

If eating clean, or clean eating is something that you find interesting, I suggest you stop into Pomegranate Market.  Take a look around.  Ask some questions. Clean eating.  It might just be something that suits you.


Pomegranate Market is located at 4815 S. Louise Ave. in Sioux Falls.