As difficult as it may sound, Pastor Jeff Hayes says there are some Sioux Falls residents who search for food in dumpsters outside restaurants.

In Pastor Jeff's words, "Ive talked to different owners of Sioux Falls restaurants.  They tell me it's not uncommon to have dumpster divers at night.  They realize a lot of people are looking for food.  On the plus side, many of these restaurants donate their food to different organizations that distribute it to people struggling with food.  Believe it or not---dumpster diving does take place on a regular basis right here in Sioux Falls."

Instead of just focusing on the problem, Pastor Jeff and his Faith Temple congregation are helping struggling families with weekly food giveaways.  In fact, there is a food giveaway Monday afternoon beginning at 4pm in the armory building at the Sioux Empire Fair.

So far over three million pounds of food have been given out over the past three years and four months to feed tens of thousands of people---thanks to Faith Temple!