Over the years, research has proven that distracted driving is dangerous.  Now there's a new phenomenon raising concern called distracted parenting.

Go to the mall any weekend and you see parents walking with their nose buried in their smart phone while their child follows behind.

According to Dr. Stephen Teach, a Child Health Expert at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, society today is dealing with too many digital devices and too little time - particularly parents.

Dr. Teach is convinced a 3% annual increase in injuries among young children in recent years is caused by parents who can't pry their eyes away from their digital devices.

"We're dealing with a technological tug of war for parents attention, and the kids are the ones who are losing out."

To back up his claim, Dr. Teach points to a recent Swedish study.  There, researchers found one in five parents admitted to losing sight of their children while focusing on an electronic device.