So, I'm headed to work today.  I'm re-routing now because of the construction at 57th and Western, and I'm headed west on 69th.  I look over by a radio tower that's located near a farm house that's still tucked in the city and there are a couple of deer just hanging out.  Being deer.

Then, when I get to work, just like magic, Dan Collins mentions a 'deer video' that's getting a lot of attention.  He said, 'you should do a post and show people the video.'

Deer are amazing.  They are resilient and can adapt to almost any environment. Look how they survive even within the city limits of Sioux Falls.

The city bus driver in Johnstown, Pa had quite a surprise and the video on the bus caught it all on video.

I like how this young deer 'slowed down' and was able to figure out how to get off the bus.  I like how the driver remained calm and allowed the young deer to find it's way out.

Judging by the way the young deer was moving, I'm thinking it's doing fine today. That being said, now is a good time to watch for deer on the road.  Many may be displaced because of farming going full tilt now and moving the animals around a bit.

How about you?  Do you have an interesting story that has to do with deer or other animals.  Share with us, and we'll share with the world!