Last night on DWTS the contestants and their partners had to recreate and pay homage to some of the most memorable dance moments in film, TV, and music videos.

It was so good. It made for a great night of performances.

I think the couple that did the best of paying homage, but truly recreating the dance was Nick and Sharna. They had Saturday Night Fever. They did all the iconic disco moves, but still worked in a classic samba.

Then the award for the best performance of the night. The one that gave me all the feels. The one that was truly a recreation. I don't think there were too many original steps in this routine, which I'm not sure how that works with copyright, but who cares? It was so good.

Bindi and Derek had Dirty Dancing. And of course it was amazing. Derek actually won the mirrorball with the real Baby, Jennifer Gray, and she came in to give advice. So Bindi had a bit of an advantage there.

And they nailed the lift!

In the end, Paula went home and honestly it was about time. Now, it is time for the real competition to start. Everyone that is left is a contender!

And an honorable mention goes out to the pros for their opening performance. This is why I miss the results show! So many great dance moments mixed into one!