We've seen this so many times. When there's any type of disaster, whether from natural causes or beyond, our stars of the country music world always respond with benefits and a reaction.

Country artists are concerned about people on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. During rehearsals for the CMA Awards, Luke Bryan said he's praying for all the families involved and hopes everyone can stay safe.

Brad Paisley tweeted: "Everybody in the path of that storm please be safe. Wow is that scary looking on radar."

With the CMA Awards on Thursday, some stars offered up a refuge for storm victims. They said, "Come on down to Tennessee and hang out with us. Get out of the danger zone".

That might not be a bad idea! Or get to some place out of harm's way, and somewhere that has electricity so they can at least tune in and watch on TV. The CMAs will air live from Nashville on Thursday on ABC.