Here's a sentence I never thought I would type: yesterday I got into a shootout with cops.

Sioux River Sportmen's Club in Canton put on their second annual Top Cop 3-Gun Match on Sunday. The 2016 edition was an event for law enforcement to to try out the sport of 3-gun.

This year the theme was Cops and Robbers which attracted law enforcement officers from across the region, as well as civilians.

That meant I was a robber, shooting in the outlaw division that had no rules on equipment, while the cops division were restricted to guns and gear that was the same or similar to their duty gear. That meant while I could use my 1-4x zoom rifle scope, 13 round semi-auto shotgun, and suped up race pistol.

The cops used iron sights or fixed power optics on their rifles, 5 round pump action shotguns, and pistols that are akin to those of duty issue.

A total of 57 shooters, 27 cops and 30 robbers participated in the match. And while there were cops and robbers who were new to the sport, there were also very high level competitors in both divisions as well.

Greg Peterson, a friend of mine from Beresford who I recruited to shoot in the cops division, shot it and had a blast. Afterwards he told me he's ready for a new shotgun and is ready to try some more matches.

Photo courtesy Greg Peterson

I have posted videos of me playing this game before, but never really explained it. You use three different guns and engage several sets of targets that are to be shot specifically with each of the guns. Your time is recorded from the opening beep to the final shot. Any penalties for missed targets or failed procedures are added on the end.

A range officer stays with the competitor to rule on their shooting and to ensure safety. While we are playing a game, the game is played using firearms so the top priority is always safety.

Occasionally, there is a non-shooting task that must be performed as part of the stage that adds to the fun. One stage required us to start with suppressed bolt action rifle that was provided, another started with breaching a door with a shotgun, and the third had us running with a couple of "bags of cash."

Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7

In addition to the fun had by all at the match, everyone walked away with at least some sort of prize. Organizers Josh Twedt and Dustin Wallenberg did an epic job recruiting sponsors to donate prizes, which were distributed by walking the table in order of finish. I didn't care what prize I won, that wasn't why I was there, but winning something I can use made it even better.

If this looked like fun to you and want to do it next year, join the SD Competition Shooting group on Facebook and look for the announcement in the spring. The match signup was full, with the exception of a few no-shows, so don't delay signing up. You can also just hit me up on social media and I can fill you in.

Photo Courtesy of Josh Twedt

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