Should we have legal pot sales in South Dakota?  Colorado added more than $2 million to its coffers from licensed marijuana sales.  And that's just for the month of January.

South Dakota’s 2013 legislative session saw lawmakers in Pierre consider two proposals to reform marijuana laws here in the Mount Rushmore State.

One bill had to do with creating a medical marijuana defense for marijuana possession or use. The other would have reduced the penalty for possession of marijuana from a Class 1 to a Class 2 misdemeanor.  Marijuana arrests in South Dakota in 2010: 1,743.

Last month, a budget proposal from Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper estimated that total pot sales for the next fiscal year would be around $610 million.  That is well above the $70 million annual estimate in the legalization measure approved by voters.

That is big bucks and big tax dollars.  What could that kind of money do to help South Dakota tax payers?  Maybe we could invest more money in our states schools?

Education Week's Quality Counts report's on all 51 states key education indicators and gives each state a letter and number grade.  In 2013 South Dakota came in dead last with a D+.  Insert your own "Dope" joke here.