We haven't even made real plans for Thanksgiving dinner and some people are already talking about the most wonderful time of the year.  Yesterday we read about a great list regarding some of the favorite things of 2012.

The City of Sioux Falls is getting set to kick off the holiday season with Winter Wonderland at Falls Park.  Face it.  the year is coming to a close.  With that in mind we have some people already admiring their handy work when it comes to hanging Christmas lights on the outside of their homes.

So, how early is too early, when it comes to putting up Christmas decorations on the outside of your house?  That was a question we asked yesterday on our Facebook page and the replies we received were pretty much what we expected.

Some of our Facebook friends shared their ideas,

Jessica said,  in regards to the nice weather, I'd take full advantage of it!!

Dawn said, “Nothing wrong with taking advantage of the warm weather and putting them up. Turning them on, on the other hand...

Susan added we're going to try to get ours put up Saturday - won’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving.

Sharon said, Never too early to put them up - just don't turn them ON.

Sounds like we all pretty much agree.  It’s acceptable, heck even admirable to have Christmas lights up before thanksgiving, the neighbors just don’t think they should be turned on before Thanksgiving.

Then we heard from the voice of reason. It seems like there is always one of those when you ask the question on Facebook.  That voice of reason came from a guy named Bryan.  He said,

Haven't taken them down from last Christmas.

That's fine too.  In fact singer Gretchen Wilson helped make that theory popular a couple years ago with her song Redneck Woman. Here's how the song goes.

Of course the day we asked the question (Thursday November, 11th) the weather would have been perfect for a trip up the ladder and hooking on the lights.  With a cold snap and blustery weather set for this weekend maybe it wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

In the days to come we'll be asking that you share a picture of your outdoor decorations.  It doesn't matter how fancy they are, we just want to see what Christmas looks like at your house.

Coming soon, we’ll talk about safety tips when putting up your Christmas lights.