Chicken From Hell. It sounds like a new menu item at Buffalo Wild Wings or a tabloid headline about a rabid chicken terrorizing a family farm in Iowa. What it really is, is the nickname of a newly recognized dinosaur, discovered in the Dakotas!

The discovery has been made near where scientists and paleontologists have previously found a T-Rex and triceratops. Researchers dug the remains from mudstone in the Hell Creek formation in North and South Dakota. Over the past decade they have recovered three partial skeletons of the animal but until now had not recognized it as a new genus and species of a mysterious family of dinosaurs called Caenagnathidae.

The nickname "Chicken From Hell" was given to the bird-like dinosaur that stood about 10-feet tall, weighed 500 pounds and had sharp claws to take on potential foes like a T. Rex. A paleontologist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh said in a press release, "We jokingly call this thing the 'Chicken From Hell,' and I think that's pretty appropriate."

Officially, the new species is called Anzu wyliei. It roamed the Dakotas around 66 million years ago with feathers and a beak like modern-day flightless birds, but it also had such dinosaur staples as a large tail and sharp claws.

Who knew that South Dakota was the caveman version of Jurassic Park?

You can read more about the new dinosaur and see an artist rendering of the Hell Chicken from The Guardian.