An album crossed my desk in 2013.  It was by a lady named Rehme Sutton called 'Long Road Home'.

The final cut on the album was a song titled 'Billie's Song', a very personal and engaging song about a 'hero' of the singer. Beautifully sing, we added it to our playlist on KXRB.

Then, I come to find out, my kid's knew Rehme Sutton.  Jeremy and Jessie grew up with the Sutton family in the Burke, South Dakota area.  It was soon after the album came out that they, in fact, saw Rehme and her band play in their hometown of Burke (at Stella's, right on main street.  Stop there some time, great food and friendly folks!).

You Tube Screen Shot

Now we're featuring the song 'What Goes Around Comes Around' off that same album.  Are we playing it because Rehme is a 'local' South Dakota artist?

Nope. We're playing it because, no matter where this lady is from, she's a talented singer and artist who deserves to be heard.  The fact that she's 'South Dakota's Own' is just, well, icing on the Country Music cake.

Here's Rehme with 'Livin' On Rodeo'.