If you live in Sioux Falls or were in town for the day Thursday, February 14th you remember there was a horrific accident at the corner of 41st and Minnesota.  The Wolf Family was traveling through the intersection and in one moment their lives were changed.

To this day, the family continues to struggle with injuries sustained in the accident.  And one month later their friends are coming together to help.  Check out this Facebook post we received from Jenn Harmeier. I didn't change a word.  I didn't need to.  It's beautifully written, 'as only a friend could write.'

Today is 2 months since the accident and with each day the Wolf family is coping best they can. Initially, it was planned today for the family to do an interview with KSFY and update our community on their recovery and put the word out there about this benefit.
After speaking with Ameina Makram Wolf today, there is just no way that they are physically or emotionally able to conduct an interview. Ameina is in a lot of pain today, emotionally and physically drained.
She says there are good days and there are bad days, she is frustrated not being able to comfort and hold her babies when they need her, she is tired of all the pain medication making her so tired but can't limit her use right now because without it the pain is still unbearable. In this storm last week, they were without power for a couple days and spent some time in a hotel. Kids were stir crazy as many of us can imagine and probably dealt with ourselves.
On top of everything it has put even more strain on her ability to maintain her emotions and her pain. She wanted to express her love and appreciation to everyone for the support they are showing. Both Stephen Wolf and Ameina are strong incredible people and today has reminded me of the reasons for this benefit.
Even the strongest of us all need a little help. I admire their strength and love them so much!  We would appreciate everyone's efforts in getting the word out and making this benefit a huge success. Again if you have any questions you can post on here or call me at 605-413-6675. Thank you!!

I will leave Jenn's number in case you have something you would like to donate to the event.  Here's what they have planned for Sunday afternoon at the American Legion in Sioux Falls.

Here's what Kickin' Country has planned!  The sold out Carrie Underwood show at Tyson Events Center in Sioux City is a smokin' hot ticket!  Kickin' Country is donating a pair of tickets to the May 13th (Monday Night).  Listen to Kickin' Country Friday, April 19th, (today) starting at 3:00 p.m.  We'll auction a pair of tickets to the show.  This will be for a limited time.  Bidding will close and the high bid announced at 5:25 p.m. with Jammin' Jay today on Kickin' Country!

We'll be having a regular on-line registration for this sold out show too, watch for that this weekend on KIKN.com. But 'if you are able' to really help, this is an opportunity for you to help Kickin' Country, give some Carried Treasure to the Wolf Family of Sioux Falls.