Everywhere you look right now Fall is all around us. So far, we have been very blessed with incredible weather and according to the KIKN 5 Day Weather Forecast we'll have a few more calm and mild days ahead.

Take advantage of these days by taking a hike around various locations through Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.

After school, Thursday, my family and I took a walk through the Outdoor Campus, Of course, I had to arm myself with my Nikon to capture some of the changing colors of Autumn. I'm not a professional photographer but I do have a fun hobby I can share.

Through the years I have enlarged and framed some nature shots and, of course, family outdoor shots, and hung them in the house. Nothing gives an amateur shutterbug more joy that when someone asks, "what studio does your photography?"

I do love photography but I have to admit, I don't know half of what these new SLR cameras are capable of. Just being honest. I'm  kind of a point-and-shoot guy.

You don't need to be a professional photographer to capture some great shots. Try great Bear, The Outdoor Campus, Blood Run Trails, or just right outside the house. You'll find some awe inspiring shots.

When you take a few pics, load them onto our Facebook page, and share them with our friends. We've already seen some great shots including brilliant, colorful trees, fields, heck, even a grader on a dirt road! It doesn't matter. Just share the beauty of Kickin' Country with others and happy Autumn.

If you have any of your favorite places to photograph nature, please share them below in the 'comments' field.