My daughter loves doing anything science related. She suddenly asked me if she could make some slime last night. She said we need school glue and Borax and water and that's it. But I've never bought Borax. Never used Borax. Didn't honestly know what Borax was.

Because I'm a sucker for when my daughter makes that face at me, I ran to the store to get Borax. I'm glad we did. We had just enough school glue, one ounce or a quarter of a four ounce bottle. Then all we needed was a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of the aforementioned Borax.

Andy Erickson

We poured the glue into a glass bowl, then poured the quarter cup of water in the glue bottle to rinse it all out and poured that into the bowl. Then Jackie added several drops of red food coloring.

After that we added the Borax and started stirring. It became gooey and thick quickly. We added a little more water because we may have been a little short on glue, but it turned out pretty sweet.

Andy Erickson

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