When we say Watertown to Yankton and Worthington to Kimball we're trying to tell you one thing.  Kickin' Country covers a LOT of territory as a radio station.  And a lot of that country is just that.  Country!  Agriculture.  Cattle.   Ranching.  Part of the Ranching part of 'Kickin' Country' involves bull sales.

Having grown up West River, you might say I know my way around a pasture.  (I sure know how to keep an eye on the ground when walking across a feedlot pen) I grew up on a working farm/ranch.  Dad got rid of the cattle after a couple of dry years (I believe 1976) and concentrated on the farming and trucking, but he loved cattle and it rubbed off on us kids too

I was in 4-H.  I had range calves and market steers.  I know what it's like to have a purple ribbon bull calf and I know what it's like to have a red ribbon heifer.  I know the work it takes and appreciate it.  I also know that if you're going to improve the quality of your herd, you'll be paying attention to genetics.  That's where the bull sales come in.

Agriculture and ranching in general has stayed the same.  But technology is creeping in.  When I was growing up, you never heard of 'scrotal measured' or semen tested.  But you do today.  It's all part of making sure the client, in this case the rancher gets the best bull for their buck.

When it comes to ads or commercials like this on Kickin' Country perhaps you find yourself snickering a bit, or saying to yourself, 'what the?'  Those commercials are there for a reason.  They're out spreading the word to 'come to our sale' and see what we've worked on this past year.  It's a way to pass along hard work to your herd so hopefully the rancher can make more money when they take their livestock to market.

So, if it's a Bull Sale like Varilek Ranch or a sale at Mitchell Livestock that you hear a commercial for on Kickin' Country...or Doc Barz with Northwest Veterinary and Supply in Parkston know and understand...This isn't just Sioux Falls and urban living.  This is farm and ranch country for many.  It's a great way to live.  Many would say the best way to live.

Coming soon we'll talk black baldies and calving season.

We just want to tip our hat to our rancher and farmer friends.  Oh, and thanks for supper!