I love country music because it caters to the whole cycle of life.  It's not afraid to take on the gritty issues of life and often does.  Here's how I see a 'normal cycle,' of a country career go.  See if you agree.  Today we'll use Brad Paisley as our subject.

1.  I want to fall in love.  This is when the artist is young, and searching and yearning to find that certain someone they can raise a family with and grow old together with. In the world of Brad Paisley, what song would fit? We Danced.  (following along?)

2.  After the country star has a hit or two, maybe he or she finds the love of his or her life and settles down.  Case and point Brad Paisley and his song Little Moments.  Man seeks woman, man find woman, man falls in love and wants to tell the world about the woman.  (spotting the real trend here right?)

3.   A few years into the relationship, man (or in this case Brad Paisley) decides that 'Woman' is a good thing, but friends and parties are still fashionable so he writes and performs a song like, The Fishing Song (I'm Gonna Miss Her) He scores another hit and everyone is on board because they can 'relate to Brad' living the dream and going through the Life Cycle of Country Music.

4.  Sometimes a country star will then morph into a song that may refer to heavy substance use. (Case and Point song Alcohol) and following along with that theme you'd come up on addiction and succumbing to that 'bottle' and segue to a song like Whiskey Lullaby.  After all,  too much of a fun thing can turn sour quick!

5. If you're lucky enough to survive addiction in the world of country music you might have to live through another of life's little messes, divorce.  Seems Brad and Kimberly are in good standings.  We haven't seen a song like that from Brad yet. Though some of the groundwork has already been laid with, Remind Me. (The Duet with Carrie Underwood)

6.  From there, you can morph into finding religion and God, (When I Get Where I'm Going) and don't forget the other core value of the genre, COUNTRY.  USA.  He's been there too.  Welcome to the Future.

That's a long way to go to get here.  It's not what Brad Paisley is singing about, it's what he's doing!  According to The Boot

Brad Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, announced last year they were partnering with the Nashville charity, Live Beyond ... Thirst, to help provide clean water to impoverished parts of Haiti. Now, the country music superstar is offering hands-on assistance. The "Beat This Summer" singer is currently in the Caribbean island, to help install water pumps in areas still recovering from the tragic earthquake that hit the country in 2010.

"1 of our full service water stations in Haiti, complete with hillbilly water pump," he tweeted. "2nd of new water purification systems in Thomazeau Haiti! Thanks to LiveBeyond, these kids can drink clean water."

That's quite a career.  That's the lifestyle of a Country Music Star. That's the timeline and life cycle of Country Music.

Way to go Brad and Kimberly!  We've enjoyed watching your career and playing your music and most of all have appreciated the image you portray.  Both in your music and more importantly, the way you live your life!