Government agencies have been naming tropical storms and hurricanes for the past sixty years. Now the Weather Channel will begin to name snowstorms.

Possible future headline #1: "Nancy Dumps 4 Inches on Front Step"

It's a bold — some say arrogant — move by the Weather Channel to lay claim to the naming of storms, a process that, for hurricanes and tropical storms, is handled by an international consortium of meteorologists.

David Robinson, the New Jersey climatologist at Rutgers University, said:

Unless you’ve got hard, fast rules that are accepted by entire meteorological community, at least in the nation, I think it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt," he said. "Am I angered? No. Can it be beneficial? If it heightens people’s awareness of these storms and allows them to keep an eye on it, that’s a good thing."

Now, it is very unlikely that the Weather Channel will name any snowstorms in Sioux Falls as the naming of the storms will be reserved for major cities with international airports. So I guess it's up to Kickin' Country to name these bad-boys who'll pack a snowy punch in the coming months.

Possible future headline #2: "Bob Blows into Brandon"

The Weather Channel will name all of the snowstorms after Greek and Roman gods. Does "Nemo", "Zeus", or "Aphrodite" sound like a snowstorm to you? Me either. I prefer the traditional names like "Polly".

Possible future headline #3: "Polly Packs a Punch Over Pukwana"

Overall, it could make for some interesting headlines this winter. Feel free to add a few of your own below. We'll include them on the Big Breakfast when (and if) we get that blizzard this winter.

Possible headline #4: "Terry Tosses 8 inches on the Plains"