Right now today, tell me that there is someone hotter in country music than Blake Shelton.  He's fresh off another win and great season with The Voice (Danielle Bradbury was the winner) He's married to Miranda Lambert (Grand Falls Casino Saturday, June 29th.) Oh, and did we mention that he has the number one song in country music today with Boys 'Round Here?  Blake really likes the song. He told Songfacts,

Deric Ruttan, Connie Harrington and Jessi Alexander penned tune: "This is an incredibly well written and sexy song with a sad twist at the end. It's just such a cool song, one of the best songs that I've ever had a chance to record. It's just one of those songs that somebody plays at the Bluebird and the room stops and everybody has chills."

Yep, Blake is pretty hot right now.  When he's 65 and cleaning his garage and mowing his lawn for the 3rd time in a week, he'll look back and say, yep, I was a pretty big thing.  If you were wondering how Blake would follow up Boys Round Here, well, here's how.

(Whatever you do, find a quiet place to listen to the song all the way through.  The ending is Chilling!)

It's called Mine Would Be You