I checked the messages on our Kickin' Facebook Page and noticed that Bryce Voigt from Avon, South Dakota had left a message. It wasn't so much the message at the time, it was the picture.

Yes, that does in fact appear to be a 'blue tick.' I was interested so I asked Bryce a few questions, like where he's from and what he does and did HE paint the tick blue. (hey, it could happen) He said,

I'm from Avon I help haul trash a couple days I week we haul in Scotland, Avon, Dante and Wagner so I'm  not sure where I got it and yes I squashed it and yes I should have kept it but it bit me and wasn't very happy with it.

Sorry to hear about getting bit Bryce. But still, the color of the insect got my attention.

Blue Tick. Blue Tick Hound right? Yep, there is such a thing! They come with quite a history too.

Blake Shelton sang about an amorous Blue Tick Hound who aided in a prison escape in the song Ol' Red. And Charlie Daniels mentioned a sleepy old mutt in the song Long Haired Country Boy. Blue ticks. They seems to be quite prominent in country music, but I googled up Blue Tick by itself and didn't get a hit.

What do you think? Think Bryce found a can of blue spray paint in one of those rubble piles and painted the little crawler? Or do you think it's just a distant cousin of a chameleon and was sitting on a blue sedan when he found it?

Today, we'll just wonder.

Pic by Bryce Voigt