Long story short, I missed Rascal Flatts again.  On the way to the concert I get a call from Dan Collins who sounds horrible.  Can you cover in the morning  I was already whipped from the day, we were on the way to the concert....I look at my wife and she says do you still want to go? I say, maybe I can find someone who wants the tickets.

I ask if she'd like to go out for a quick dinner so we stop in at Applebee's on East 10th street.  She checks with a couple of friends, and then I get to thinking, I'd seen some tweets on Twitter from a listener who didn't have a ticket.  So, I tweet out and to make a long story shorter....it turned out to be a good evening for a listener.

Check this out, I just read this on our Facebook.

So where do I start with this story? So way back when the announcement of Rascal Flatts was made that they were coming to Sioux Falls, I was bumming out because I did not know my school schedule and wouldn’t know if I could make it to the show. I did not want to buy a ticket and than not be able to go and lose out on that ticket. So I passed on that opportunity. As the days got closer, the radio station was having all different contests to win tickets to the show. I kept trying to win some but no luck. I was starting to think this show was just not meant to be for me.

So today October 24, 2013, I got excited when I reminded myself that today was the day the Rascal Flatts show was coming to town for the concert. But than again starting to get bum that I did not have a ticket but everyone else did including all my friends. So instead of bumming around all day, I started twittering and facebooking and emailing, and even making a video to the bands asking if any tickets were available. I was thinking of everything I could think of to maybe some how get a finger on a ticket for tonight’s show. It was a long reach. After awhile I get a tweet from Sweetwater Rain and they said they were all out of tickets.

The time was get closer to the doors opening for the show and I was thinking to myself “well I guess it is not meant to be, I am not suppose to go to this show”. But than everything changed. I got a tweet from KIKIN saying they had a pair of tickets for me last minute. Oh man did I light up in joy and scream and do my little happy dance.

So as I am celebrating, I go all the way across town to score these tickets (not that I cared, I would do anything for tickets (well most things not all). Than I am driving to the venue with less than 30 minutes to spare before show time. As I pull up in the venue, it is jam packed full. I was like man this is going to be an awesome show with this many people but where do I park. I get a parking spot, walk a long ways and finally get to my seat. I am enjoying my view and enjoying the opening acts. It was just so amazing. I was still in shock that I actually made it to the concert tonight.

I was absorbing everything in. Well during the break before Rascal Flatts came on, I spot some guys that work with Rascal Flatts that were upgrading people in the back to better spots. Oh, I was hoping and wishing for a long run for this one to. But right when I was going to ask the guy, he leaves. But my luck did not stop there. With the help of my friend Jenna, we go all the way downstairs to the pit area and ask if there were any pit tickets that we could have on both sides (as this is how she got her pit ticket). No luck was going our way. So I head all the way across the arena and go back to my ticket seats. Right when Rascal Flatts comes out my friend is up in my section telling me to come with her because the guy found me a pit ticket. We rush down to the floor and yup my luck is growing. I scored a pit ticket. So I enjoyed and sung my heart out for the rest of the concert in the pit area. It was the best luck I have ever had. But it did not stop there.

Right at the end of the show Rascal Flatts were slapping hands and saying bye to the crowd when Joe Don caught my attention and grabbed my phone to take a picture with me from stage. My heart just dropped. It was a great way to end an amazing, lucky day! I had a blast and the show was full of energy with a rocking, full pack crowd. Sweetwater Rain was awesome for as this was the first time I have seen them. The Band Perry blew me away with how much they have grown and improve over the years since the last time I saw them. And of course Rascal Flatts never disappoints with their amazing show.

So much crowd interaction and fun energy on stage to give the crowd a show they will never forget. Of course I will not forget this one. Thank you so much for the tickets, I cannot express in words how thankful I am of you for doing such a kind thing.

Love a KIKN Listener,
Brittany Utley

Listener Photo