When a law has been in place almost 50 years, you would think it would be a good thing right?  No so says Audi, who wants changes made to the 1968 headlight law.

Audi says the law is not only outdated, but changing it would benefit other vehicles and their drivers. Audi thinks the law should also be changed because their A8 sedan has headlights that send beams around corners and it has brighter than average beams. The headlights can also adjust for pedestrians, weather and other obstacles.

The problem is, Audi's headlights go against the 1968 ruling which states that "Vehicle headlights should only switch between high and low beams with nothing else between." 

Since the 1968 law applies in the United States, it means that Audi customers will have to wait until the law is changed. Consumers in Europe will be able to purchase the vehicle soon.

Audi isn't the only auto company looking to change this 1968 headlight rule though. Other auto companies want the change done to reflect the technology in their vehicles as well.