I love being a grandparent!  Earlier this week, Amy, my daughter-in-law, asked me if I would be interested in coming to Grandparent's Day at Sioux Falls Lutheran School.  My grandson Daxson attends preschool there.

It was a no brainer! Of course I would attend!  Mind you, it's been years since I was in a classroom.  When I was that age, the jungle gym seemed to be huge!  I was quietly amazed at how small it actually is.  I got to see some of Daxson's artwork on the bulletin board.

I was in his classroom before he was, as he was out on the playground with the other kids. When he came in and took his coat and snow pants off, I noticed he was really sweaty.  I asked him if he was running and playing a game.  He said, "Brandon said a bad word.  You didn't hear it, did you?"  "No I didn't " I replied.  I was dying of laughter on the inside.

One of the teachers asked if I would like to help him peel and cut carrots. No problem there.  I asked Daxson what they were making as I helped him peel and cut the carrots. "We're making stone soup."  he said.  Oddly, I remembered the story from my elementary school days.  It's a wonderful story that shows what cooperation and working together can accomplish.

When the task was finished, Daxson began playing with some blocks and building a tower. That's when I took the picture of him.

After that came the prayer and Pledge Of Allegiance.  The teachers made sure the kids knew why we put our hand over our heart to recite the pledge.  I thought it was great! The kids explained that it's done to show their love to God and to country.

After that, came the temperature. Daxson was asked to come to the front of the room and explain whether it had gotten colder or warmer since they went outside.  Daxson said he thought it had gotten colder.  The teacher said it actually had gotten warmer.  Daxson replied that it was windy.  The teacher said that definitely influenced his answer and complimented him.  I thought to myself, "He thinks of everything!"

After that little exercise, the kids worked on the calendar, figuring out what month it is, what day it is, and what the first day of the week is.

I left thinking that little had changed since I was that age.  It was a wonderful trip back in time to enjoy some memories of my own days.  Most of all, it was an enjoyable time with my grandson that sadly, was all too short.  My wish is that he cherishes these memories for when he's my age and that they bring as much happiness to his heart as they do to mine