Ah, surprising the lady! Whether you’ve only been together for a little while or for what feels like eons, it’s always nice to give her a surprise.

After all, showing her you care you care enough to do something unexpected will keep the flame alive, and being spontaneous is great for a relationship.

If your relationship has been slacking in the romance department, a surprise might be all you need.

When we think of surprises, we traditionally think of big elaborate affairs but surprises don’t have to break the bank. As long as you put some thought and care into it, the lady in your life will love it.

You can easily surprise her with a relaxing massage (maybe bump it up a notch and make it an erotic one) for cheap, and she will definitely appreciate that.


Other inexpensive ways to surprise her could also include a nice home cooked dinner for two. Draw a nice bath for the both of you and light a few candles to set the mood.

You could take her on a picnic away from all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You could also buy her flowers or chocolates.

As a nice treat for two, you could surprise her by buying lingerie for the both of you, and suggesting that you model them for each other.

Even things like bringing her favorite coffee with a note before work or a spontaneous walk together in the park will speak volumes about your feelings, and thrill her.

While surprises don’t have to put you into debt, sometimes a less thrifty gesture can really pay off.

Taking her out to a nice restaurant (meaning if she says Italian, Olive Garden doesn’t count!), booking her a day at the salon or spa, or even whisking her off for the weekend to a nice hotel out of town are all great options.


Spontaneous, well picked tasteful jewelry or clothes are something she will appreciate as it shows that you’re thinking of her and that you know what she likes! Splurging a little bit on more expensive things every now and then sends the message that you appreciate her and want to invest in your relationship, who wouldn’t want that?

Whatever your surprise is, timing and presentation can play a key role in her reaction.
Make notes of her mood and schedule, and move around them accordingly.

If you give her something in a box or bag, wrap it! Add a handwritten note. Put your cologne on it. Little things like that tell her that this is special and that she is important. Trails of rose petals, snap chat clues, balloons, anything to make it a bit more special and surprising.

Irrespective of what you pick to surprise her with and how, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Mark your calendar for important dates like anniversaries and birthdays, and other holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Book a babysitter in advance (if you need one) for overnight surprises, and check up on any reservations you make to ensure that everything is prepped.

If you are picking something up, call the business ahead of time and get their hours as well as the item availability. You don’t want any unexpected snags. Remember, it’s a surprise for her, not you!

When it comes to surprises, it’s the attempt that counts. Whatever you choose to do will probably be appreciated. After all, the entire point of a surprise is to show her that you care, and that you still love her enough to pay attention to who she is and what she loves. It will give you plenty of stories and memories to come.