Gas prices in the Midwest are soaring toward record highs, people are turning to their smartphones to find the cheapest gas on the go.

Some of the most popular downloads include:

•       Gas Buddy: This free app, available on Android and Apple devices, shows users the lowest price gas in their desired area. Users who report gas prices also can be eligible for points toward prize-giveaways.

•       Gas Mileage Calculators: Available on Android and Apple devices, there are several free apps to help drivers figure out their car’s gas mileage and cost per mile – including Gas Cubby and MPG for Free.

•       Navigation systems such as VZ Navigator, updated every 60 seconds using 1.8 billion traffic probes, offer turn-by-turn traffic and detours, helping drivers discover the most efficient ways to get to their destinations, avoiding wasted fuel usage. It also shows local gas prices (includes distance from current location and address) without initiating a search.