I'm checking out American Idol tonight and I can't help but thinking the producers have really softened it up.  I'm kind of glad.  Mariah, I'm really liking.  Nicki Minaj has some way cool hair and makeup, Randy is Randy.

It's hard to believe that we've been watching Idol for as many years as we have...this is the 12th year of the show.  You can't argue that some pretty big stars have come from the show.  So it continues.  It's flawlessly produced.

The nice surprise of the show for me is Keith Urban.  I've always been a fan of Keith's.  He's always had a real knack for 'live' conversation and he really comes across as someone with a real kind heart.

Country music is lucky.  We get the 'brash' backwoods feel of Blake on 'The Voice' and a kinder gentler Keith Urban on American Idol.  I like Keith.  And I'm liking American Idol.

I am going to give them one of those yellow 'going to Hollywood tickets.'  What do you think?