(NPN) – A wind turbine blade plant in Aberdeen, S.D. is on the “cutting edge” of repairing the massive devices.

The MFG Energy Services facility in the Hub City joins its sister site in Gainesville, Fla. as one of the few places in the United States where damaged turbine blades can be repaired in a clean, climate controlled facility where resins used to repair the blades can cure properly.

In addition, quality control engineers are on site to ensure the repaired blades meet original equipment manufacturer standards before being returned to operation.

The science of repairing wind turbine blades in the field has seen significant advances during the last five years as a result of improvements in diagnostic tools, materials, equipment and technician training, according to MFG ES.

The company adds that the in-field repair model however still has intrinsic limitations because blades are frequently injured beyond the ability of field repair crews to economically or safely restore them to optimum working condition.

"In the factory it's possible to restore even seriously damaged blades to "like new" condition faster than even the most talented field repair team," according to Gary Kanaby, director of marketing and sales for MFG ES.

MFG Energy Services, performs repair and maintenance services of composite wind turbine components to wind farms in North America.