That's what I do. I hear a song and I place it together with a situation and I talk about it on  Kickin' Country.   This morning,  I was out for my run. As I settled in, that little guitar riff at the beginning of Keith's song "For You" started up in my head. That's when it hit me.

We run,  or exercise  not only for ourselves but for others too. So we might live longer or live stronger. Many times when I'm out running in the morning I say to myself,  "Sometime you might have to run a half mile FAST to help someone.  Potentially save someone." I think many of our Kickin' listeners might think the same thing.

And Be Sure to Read the Story by KIKN's Jay Williams: 'Amanda Connors Believed in Something Bigger'

Amanda Connors, a gal who I have never met,  did just what Keith Urban talks about in his song "For You."   Even though the song was written from a male perspective I think it fit what she showed when it really mattered. She stepped up. She most likely didn't prepare for her last day and  plan  for things to play out the way they did, but her last action showed a tremendous amount of one word. A word I hope I can come up with if ever I am put into a position like she found herself Tuesday afternoon. Courage.