"Ben Davis  is morning show co-host on sister station Mix 97-3." --Jammin Jay

When I was a kid I always wanted one of these.  OK, now stop it!  Don't be gettin' me wrong I loved me some trucks, toy guns, & anything with which you could potentially poke out an eye.  But I like cooking now and I liked cooking then.  My sister had an Easy-Bake Oven and every once in a while she would invite me down the hall for a little fine dinning.  She would send a hundred and ten volts of love to power the magical incandescent light bulb that would bring forth tasty under-cooked cookies and cakes.  Mmmmm!  (This was in the 70's when a little salmonella just made you stronger.)

Now this New Easy-Bake Oven is for boys too!

I love the Easy-Bake Oven!  Don't judge me.  Is it so wrong!?