Ok. I never fancied myself as a food or restaurant critic, but when you have a great experience, you tell others about it.  When you have a bad experience, you tell twice as many about it.

My family and I had a wonderful experience last Saturday night at Starz.  They're located at 2209 W 57th St in Sioux Falls and pride themselves on "Sportz* Food* Brewz."

Lori and I were there with my daughter Erin and her husband Jim celebrating their birthdays.  What made us decide on Starz?  We heard we could watch the Notre Dame game there and eat dinner.  We had to be able to do both.  Nothing else would do.

We met there last Saturday night and even though it was crowded for 6:45pm, we didn't have to wait long to be seated in a booth.  The waitress was especially accommodating when Jim asked if they could change the channel to the Notre Dame vs. Boston College game on one of the sets.  I was impressed.

We decided on appetizers.  Hot wings, cheese curds and fried pickles.  All were delicious!  Lori went with a burger and I ordered their bratwurst and kraut and also their Chicago dog with a side of potato salad.

All of us agreed that the food was wonderful and we were very pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices were!  The waitress stayed attentive to our table throughout the meal.  Another plus.

I loved their dessert menu.  It doesn't get any simpler.  Jim ordered a Snicker's ice cream bar and I had the malt cup complete with wooden spoon!

The decor is very cool.  Think beer, food and sports retro and you have a special setting to watch your favorite team.  Note the pictures with this article.  That is what you can expect when you go there.

All of us were able to watch the entire game and also the 11AA Championship with Washington and Brandon without them trying to rush us out the door.  In fact, I had to ask for the check at the end of the game.  Home run!

We're still talking about a great night of celebration, our favorite team and the great food and hospitality at Starz.  I'm giving them five.  I highly recommend a visit there soon.